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Jane gave me hope when I was feeling pretty hopeless and I’ve so much to thank her for! She listened and diagnosed with huge skill and knowledge and the remedies she sent me after we met, were effective and a huge life line to me at the time. I still use some of those remedies to this day, and feel I know myself better as a result of her care.
— Lucy, London

I went to see Jane suffering from headaches that I’d tried to get rid of with endless prescription drugs. The remedy nat mur changed everything and Jane was a great listener.
— Susan, Berkshire

It’s difficult to put into a few words the esteem with which I have for Jane. I started seeing Jane some 10 years ago when I wanted alternative help with menopause - the usual weight gain, sweats, palpitations, all of which she brought quickly under control with the right remedies and then with trauma and grief when my partner died. Her care and compassion were a source of great comfort to me and her skill as a homeopath has made a complete convert of me. She also helped my two daughters enormously with some complex health issues. We are so happy and grateful to have her back. I do highly recommend Jane.
— Christine Bowen, Therapist, Sussex

I’d wanted to come off HRT for ages but needed some support. I am so grateful to Jane for helping me through the process.
— Sue, Lancashire

Since I started the homeopathic treatment for menstruation, my life has got easier every month. I always had painful periods but now those days are like any other. I can only recommend!’
— Kinga, Sussex